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"Take Flight" is an enchanting three-piece silver medallion, a masterful creation by the talented artist Atanas Hranov. Each component of this exquisite medallion encapsulates a unique facet of imagination, transformation, and the boundless power of personal dreams.



  • The Magical Carriage: The first piece of the medallion showcases a captivating magical carriage, adorned with intricate details. This carriage represents the idea that we all have the power to embark on extraordinary journeys and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It embodies the enchantment of our own dreams and the transformative potential within us.

  • The Wing: The second component of the medallion features a gracefully designed wing, evoking the sensation of flight and the limitless freedom to transcend boundaries. This wing encourages wearers to embrace the idea that they have the ability to soar to new heights and reach for their aspirations.

  • The Sigil for Atanas Hranov: At the heart of this medallion, you'll find Atanas Hranov's unique sigil—a personal emblem that signifies the authenticity and exclusivity of this remarkable creation. It is a mark of the artist's dedication to his craft and a testament to the medallion's genuine nature.



Each component of the "Take Flight" medallion is crafted with precision from sterling silver, ensuring its enduring beauty and resilience. The radiant silver sheen accentuates the medallion's allure, making it a timeless heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.


This medallion offers versatility, allowing you to wear all three components together for a bold statement or to wear them individually, depending on your mood or the occasion. You can personalize your style and express your unique journey and aspirations through this versatile piece of art.


"Take Flight" is a testament to the boundless imagination and the transformational power of dreams. It reflects Atanas Hranov's artistic philosophy, inspiring individuals to unleash their creativity, embark on extraordinary adventures, and elevate their stories to new heights through self-discovery.


"Take Flight" is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those who appreciate art, imagination, and the pursuit of personal dreams. Whether it's to celebrate milestones, achievements, or the spirit of someone who continually strives to reach new horizons, this medallion is a cherished and symbolic token.


"Take Flight" is more than just a medallion; it's a gateway to the limitless potential of one's imagination and dreams. It's an invitation to embrace the enchantment of personal aspirations, to transcend boundaries, and to journey toward the extraordinary. With each component, "Take Flight" symbolizes the magical power of art, the exhilaration of reaching for one's dreams, and the idea that we all have the ability to embark on extraordinary journeys.

Take Flight

  • Sterling silver

  • Free shipping worldwide

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